.NET Technology

.NET Technology

Microsoft.Net or Dot Net is a software framework designed and developed by Microsoft Corporation to be used for developing applications executable in devices such as personal computer, mobile, and web
applications. The niche that has impelled the software among coders is its property to minimize the quantity of code in large applications. Attributing to this unique selling proposition, Dot Net Training in
Bangalore is one of the most sought and all-time trending program for both young enthusiasts and experienced professionals looking to make a mark in their profession.

Microsoft.Net is the most preferred programming language of developers as the program substantially reduces the quantity codes even in large applications. FLR and CLR are two integral components that form the.Net Framework. Most programming languages use these two and hence Dot Net never seem to go out of fashion in software development.

Building an application using the.Net Framework provides several benefits to the developer such as having a robust, and highly secure development platform. The software also provides additional benefits as it reduces the software development time, and provides a reliable and scalable application that can deliver a comprehensive business solution; helping businesses deal with their clients better. Thus, Dot Net is crucial and Dot Net developers are essential for a business. Secure your future as a Dot Net Developer with the right partner for Dot Net Training in Jharkhand– UdeshaTechWorld. We run our Dot Net certification program in coordination with Microsoft and therefore, apart from our own reputation we also extend the goodwill of Microsoft.

What You will Learn Here ?

  1. C# 6.0
  2. ADO.NET
  3. Window Form Appliction
  4. SQL Server
  5. Project
  6. ASP.NET and Project
  7. LINQ
  8. MVC
  9. Web API
  10. Web Services
  11. Web Security

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